Automated machine systems expansion plans

AMS Unveils Expansion Plans

Automated Machine Systems has expanded their production capacity by 7,000 square feet. Following unprecedented sales growth, the management decided to undertake an extensive infrastructural development project that will see the company’s manufacturing facility to grow by 7,000 square feet in space. The project will introduce diamond-sanded and epoxied concrete floors, elevated ceilings, and high-efficiency lighting complete with state of the art fire and safety measures that comply with all state regulations.

What is AMS?

Automated Machine Systems Inc. or AMS was founded in 2000 by Guy O’Gara, a University of Kansas business graduate and the current CEO of the company, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Beginning with humble origins the company has come a long way, reporting profits of $3.4 million last year, a 97% increase from the preceding one. The company owes their growth and success to devotion towards constant innovation and acquiring specialized resources that cater to evolving customer demands. Their elaborate 17 step manufacturing process reflects a deep commitment to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

The Services Provided by AMS

AMS technologies began by offering a general variety of semi-automated systems, however, as the portfolio expanded the company started to focus on more specialized processes offering systems that provide air leak tests, clip installations, precision fastening and plastic joining systems. Additionally, with the introduction of state of the art robotics systems, AMS provides some of the finest quality solutions in plastic joining and precision fastening to a wide variety of clients with exceptional customer satisfaction ratios.

Having automated systems guarantees a much more precise execution of processes pertaining to specific customer requirements. This ensures that the end products are much more reliable in terms of durability and resistance against natural elements.

A Courier Fast 55 finalist in 2016, the company caters to a variety of industries including automobiles, appliance manufacturing and medicine with a major focus on the latter.

The Current Expansion Plans

The planned expansion will give the company 17,000 square feet of space and “create new assembly bays and improve areas for medical market segment growth. This will give us an advantage to have rapid growth in the years ahead” the CEO said in a statement.

With the growth in sales and revenue, the implementation of the recent growth plans was inevitable as it will allow AMS to cater to a wider range of services whilst increasing supply at the same time. Along with infrastructural developments, AMS also intends to grow its human resource capabilities with plans to hire an additional force of 11 professionals with specialized skills in their respective fields over a period of the next 3 years. The use of machines that require minimal human intervention means that the company can rely on a small but specialized workforce that primarily handles process and visual management leaving the manufacturing work to integrated software and computer systems. Considering the types of industries that AMS designs products for, employing robots and automated systems ensures that the end products are free from possible human errors that could be potentially catastrophic in the automotive or medicine industry.

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