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Testing 1, 2, 3: How Our Applications Testing Lab Works for You

Choosing the right path for automation can sometimes present more problems than solutions. In every new project kickoff, manufacturers want to ensure they have the right solution with a trusted partner. The exploration stage in new projects is key, and AMS is equipped with a state-of-the-art applications testing lab to assist in finding the best solutions. 

Our lab is no secret lair: Customers are invited to visit the site in Woodlawn, Ohio, before, during and after project kickoff for a fully transparent approach. From initial part design to tight timelines, AMS is a trusted source for consultation along every step of the process. 

Unsure about what type of subassembly and testing methods will be a good fit for your business? To successfully launch your next project, AMS can help discover and provide actionable insights into the following applications: 

Testing Plastic Assembly Applications

Plastic joining technologies have vastly improved over the years and with new technologies come new methods. One of the core competencies AMS was founded on is plastic assembly. Our expert knowledge and testing ability provide our customers with the latest innovations as well as tried-and-true practices. 

During the plastic subassembly stage, there are a number of factors that contribute to success or failure. AMS does a thorough examination of materials and current processes for customers before brainstorming a solution. We do these reviews through a variety of methods including ultrasonic spin and spot welding, thermal plastic staking, infrared staking and textile welding. Whether you have a semi-crystalline or amorphous material, or similar interior textiles, AMS can test and produce customized solutions to meet your needs. Along with having the ability to run trials on your product, AMS has key relations with vendors that assist in layouts and design of your customized solution. 

Quality Leak Testing

Another AMS competency that provides valuable solutions to customers is leak testing. Leak testing is crucial for parts that require accuracy and proof of proper subassembly. AMS’s application testing lab allows for a variety of leak testing methods; all designed to  ensure your product meets precise specifications. 

During the exploration stage for leak testing, AMS reviews all specifications provided by the customer including the internal volume of the part, optimal leak rates, current and desired cycle time, and current methods of testing. If leak testing is new in your manufacturing process, AMS can assist in developing methods that can increase productivity and efficiency while reducing cycle times. After we review your specifications, we can develop an ideal testing solution through pressure decay, vacuum decay or mass flow testing with various levels of automation involved. 

Precision Fastening Excellence

Error-proofing, traceability and quality control are extremely important for all stages of subassembly. When it comes to precision fastening and screwdriving, these are just a few of the factors we consider when choosing the right solution. Parts that need to be assembled by screwdriving and nutrunning often require dead-on accuracy along with torque and angle monitoring. This process is hard to pin down, and the overall success or failure can be very operator-dependent. After rigorous work in our applications testing lab, AMS integrates the right solution with desired levels of automation for increased cycle times and efficiency. We work with customers closely to design and implement ideal screwdriving systems. 

Application Testing Lab Adds Value from Start to Finish

Along with the listed solutions above, AMS has completed numerous projects and reviewed applications along the spectrum of all our core competencies. We utilize our deep application knowledge, previous experience and trusted partners to provide customers with valuable insights and solutions in their manufacturing process. 

Additionally, we invite customers to approach AMS during the product design stage to help verify designs or make revisions for project success. 

Still unsure about your next move in automation? Book an application review today or contact us at to learn more about our applications testing lab.

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