Guy O'Gara

automated plastic processing

Riding the Automated Plastic Processing Tide

By Guy O'Gara / May 25, 2021

Need to increase volume, efficiency and turnaround time? AMS President and CEO Guy O’Gara feels your pain. Here he discusses what manufacturers are up against today, and how automated plastic processing and injection molding can help.   Meeting Demand Now  Automation as a market mover right now is a bit of a rising tide. Unemployment might…

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Manufacturing Labor Shortage

Manufacturing Labor Shortage: Three Ways to Identify Areas to Automate

By Guy O'Gara / March 23, 2021

In today’s economy, American industrial manufacturing is at a pivotal crossroads. Consumer demand for manufactured products has increased steadily over the past 10 years, yet the manufacturing labor shortage has also increased over that same time. We have more things to make, and fewer people available or interested in making them.  To some, this manufacturing…

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Air Leak Tester Automation Bottleneck

The Science Behind Why Leak Testing Is a Bottleneck in Automation

By Guy O'Gara / March 10, 2021

A variety of industries frequently use an air leak tester for quality control. For the medical industry, air leak testers check the quality of catheters, IV sets, tubing, implantable devices and infusion sets. In the automotive industry, air leak testers are frequently used to check plastic air intake manifolds, clean and dirty side ductwork, washer…

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