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Automation 101: Proper Stack Integrity

Listen to CEO Guy O’Gara explain Ultrasonic 101 and proper stack integrity. He walks us through the three components of the stack assembly. Watch as he demonstrates assembly of a properly installed 20 kHz ultrasonic stack.


Okay, we’re here to talk about Ultrasonic 101 and proper stack integrity. And that is how to install a 20 kHz converter booster horn. So the stack assembly is going comprised of three components. the first component is the converter or transducer, depending on which ultrasonic company you’re dealing with. The second component is the booster and the final component is the ultrasonic horn. In the 20 kHz system, the stud goes into the top of the titanium horn at 440-inch pounds. The interface between the bottom of the booster and the top of the horn is 220 inches pounds half. And the reason is when you disassemble the stack you want to stay at the top of the horn and the top of the booster. So we use a spanner wrench on a torque arm and we tighten that to 220-inch pounds. And we take the booster or the converter or the transducer and we thread it on tight and we torque that to 220-inch pounds.

And now you have a properly installed 20 khz ultrasonic stack assembly.

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Guy O'Gara

Guy O'Gara

As president and CEO for the last 20 years, Guy’s leadership keeps AMS going strong. He takes responsibility for understanding the industrial automation industry, AMS customers and every team member so that he can find a winning strategy that benefits everyone.