Automation for Productivity

Why Automation for Productivity Is the New Mandate for Success

The pandemic has affected so many industries in so many ways. It took employees out of commission and created concerns about the financial stability for the companies that may have had to shut down due to the lack of employees.  In the manufacturing industry, the price of shutting down for even just a day can be significant for the companies and their clients, not just in dollars but in the amount of lost opportunities due to late market arrivals and playing catch up. Because of these issues, the industry is turning to automation as a stronger and more reliable foundation. 

Automation for Productivity

Automation for productivity delivers a guarantee that traditional methods of manufacturing and assembly can not. According to MiQ Partners CEO Olaf Tessarzyk, “Those that maintain the status quo and are slow to embrace automation for assembly, packaging, shipping and more will struggle to make it to 2022.” Automation guarantees consistency that human labor naturally can’t compete with, and when your product is consistent, your productivity increases. Companies that rely on human operation will simply not be able to compete with companies that rely on automation. 

Automation for Decreased Failure Rate

With human labor also comes a failure rate. Even a 1 percent failure rate costs a company value in scrap material and wasted labor as well as revenue and their competitive advantage in the market. Automated processes ensure a significantly lower and potentially nonexistent failure rate. A minuscule failure rate can be the difference between businesses that can meet their market dates and stay on top of their industry and those that can’t. 

Looking at it Long Term

The long-term cost of hiring a manufacturing team to build automated machines that will produce your product is substantially lower than that of manual operation. Finding the right automation partner to develop your machines will allow your company to stay on top of innovation. Start your automation journey today by finding the right partner. Download our free checklist to help you choose an automation partner.

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