Plastic Assembly

Automation can be the key to plastic assembly processes. It will streamline the process, reducing downtime. An automated robotic machine can be flexible and molded to fit the ever-changing needs of the manufacturing industry. 

Automation 101: Heat Staking

Automation 101: Advanced Technology for Heat Staking

By AMS Machines | May 5, 2022

Lighter materials, faster assembly times, lower costs, higher quality: These are the major goals of industrial manufacturers today, and frame…

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Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Welding Plastic Industry

Welding Plastic Industry: Impacts of the Transition From Traditional Vehicles to EV

By AMS Machines | April 14, 2022

Today’s electric vehicles are undeniable pinnacles of engineering, forged at the crossroads between Silicon Valley’s bleeding-edge tech and Detroit’s industrial…

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Ultrasonic Welding Machine Case Study

Case Study: Quick Turn Ultrasonic Welding Machine

By AMS Machines | December 21, 2021
| |

Challenge A global tier 2 supplier of automotive interior parts needed a plastic joining system to assemble an interior plastic…

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AMS Ultrasonic Welding Machine Data Security

The Importance of Ultrasonic Welding Machine Data Security

By AMS Machines | December 7, 2021

Integrating a cybersecurity plan into your manufacturing business is essential to the safety of regulatory data and maintaining consumer confidence…

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Manufacturing Cycle Time Analysis to Guide Automation Designs

Manufacturing Cycle Time Analysis to Guide Automation Designs

By AMS Machines | November 30, 2021
| | |

In a design advice article posted on Automation Design Hacks, the author outlines an approach to manufacturing cycle time analysis…

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Benefits of Assembly Automation for Injection Molders

Top Benefits of Assembly Automation for Injection Molders

By Chris Edwall | November 16, 2021

All injection molders understand that speed, precision and profitability are critical to their company’s success. Automation can be the key…

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AMS Automation 101 Automated Ultrasonic Welding

Automation 101: Automated Ultrasonic Welding

By AMS Machines | November 2, 2021
| |

Where a strong bond is needed between separate thermoplastic parts in a manufactured product, automated ultrasonic welding is almost always…

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Adhesive Bonding vs. Ultrasonic Welding in Medical Device Assembly

By AMS Machines | September 14, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a tremendous amount of pressure on medical device manufacturers to design and build devices, like…

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Automation for Plastic Processors

Injection Molding Solutions Case Study: Automation for Plastic Processors

By AMS Machines | September 2, 2021
| | |

Problem Wilbert Plastics Services, a North Carolina based injection molding company, had a great project that required an automated solution…

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Hermetic Seal Manufacturing

Automation 101: Hermetic Seal in Manufacturing

By AMS Machines | August 24, 2021
| | | | |

What is a hermetic seal, and how is it used in manufactured products? Simply, hermetic sealing is an advanced product-sealing…

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