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Explore the Benefits of Automation

Benefits of Automation: What’s In It for You?

By AMS Machines / April 7, 2022

Companies in the U.S. are manufacturing more than ever. Automation is becoming more accessible nationwide and has accelerated since the beginning of the pandemic. Increases in automation raise the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. If that isn’t reason enough to consider automation for your company, we’ve broken down the key benefits of automation for your…

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Factory Automation Improves Safety for Manufacturing Workers

How Factory Automation Creates Safer Environments

By Chris Edwall / February 24, 2022

While a significant chunk of the ongoing national conversation around industrial automation focuses on job elimination and economic impacts, we’d like to shift some attention to another important aspect of the topic: the benefits of factory automation in creating safer manufacturing environments.   Across all the industries we serve, we receive more and more requests to…

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Automation for Productivity

Why Automation for Productivity Is the New Mandate for Success

By AMS Machines / February 17, 2022

The pandemic has affected so many industries in so many ways. It took employees out of commission and created concerns about the financial stability for the companies that may have had to shut down due to the lack of employees.  In the manufacturing industry, the price of shutting down for even just a day can…

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AMS Explains Sensors in Automation

Sensors in Automation

By AMS Machines / January 13, 2022

Sensors in automation are extremely important to the reliability and accuracy of machines for all uses like ultrasonic plastic welding, automotive automation and many more functions. According to Automation Design Hacks, when choosing sensors for detection and measurement, everyone involved in the decision process should understand the capabilities and limitations of the sensors being utilized.…

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Sustainable Manufacturing for American Manufacturers

Automating for America: How Automation Supports Sustainable Manufacturing

By Guy O'Gara / January 6, 2022

The concept of “sustainable manufacturing” certainly gets a lot of attention these days, though from reading many recent articles on the topic, we fear that there is widespread confusion and lack of definition on what this means at a practical level.  Here we look at what sustainability in manufacturing truly means, and how your business…

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Manufacturing Cycle Time Analysis to Guide Automation Designs

Manufacturing Cycle Time Analysis to Guide Automation Designs

By AMS Machines / November 30, 2021

In a design advice article posted on Automation Design Hacks, the author outlines an approach to manufacturing cycle time analysis to guide automation design decisions. It starts with thinking about how to use remaining time efficiently versus simply thinking about how long a product takes to build. This approach is eye-opening, but before we get…

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Problems Manufacturing Automation Solves

Help on the Way: 3 Urgent Problems Manufacturing Automation Solves

By AMS Machines / October 19, 2021

The ninth largest industry in the country with 5.5 percent of the GDP, manufacturing is one of the core business sectors in the U.S. In the past decade, manufacturing has seen a huge resurgence as it begins to adapt with modern technological advancements, making processes more productive, efficient and reliable. However, with drastic changes, especially…

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Automation Integrator Guide

Assemble Your Team: Download the Automation Partner Checklist

By AMS Machines / October 5, 2021

It’s hard to know where to start when finding the best automation partner. How do you know what to look for? How do you evaluate the competencies of an automation integrator? To simplify the process, we made a one-page checklist with questions to ask and things to consider on your journey to choosing an automation…

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Manufacturing Labor Gap

The Pandemic’s Effect on Manufacturing Labor Gap

By AMS Machines / August 17, 2021

A recent report commissioned by The Workforce Institute at UKG found that manufacturers are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic on solid footing, but that two-thirds are still struggling with the manufacturing labor gap.  The report, “The Resilience of Manufacturing: Strengthening people operations and bridging the talent gap amid crisis,” surveyed more than 300 hiring decision-makers…

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Ultrasonic Welding for Automotive

Case Study: Automated Ultrasonic Welding for Automotive Applications

By AMS Machines / July 27, 2021

Your average automobile contains about 30,000 individual components put together into approximately 1,800 separate assemblies, all of which are just as important as the next. Assemblies are typically manufactured by “part suppliers” on the open market competing for the business of major auto manufacturers. The vehicle manufacturers then buy up these parts and aggregate them into…

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