AIM Committee Chairman Guy O'Gara

Excited to Serve as AIM Committee Chairman

Anyone who has attended an info-packed trade show or conference understands the value of learning from peers. Inspiring each other and sharing expertise is at the heart of the Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT). It’s why we at AMS are AMT members and why I’m very excited to serve as AMT’s AIM Committee chairman. 

The Automation in Manufacturing (AIM) Committee serves as the voice of AMT’s membership on issues related to automation. Through benchmarking, technology awareness and networking, the committee provides valuable assistance to members on all aspects of automation.

Goals of the AIM Committee Chairman

AMS and I have been involved with AIM since 2018. As the AIM Committee chairman, I provide leadership for the group and coordinate monthly meetings so that we have strong quarterly events with relevant technical and business topics related to automation in manufacturing. 

There are many benefits to being part of the AIM committee and AMT as a whole, but the primary benefit is peer collaboration. Taking an active membership role is a great way to stay up to date on the newest technology and innovation opportunities in the industry from other leaders. For us at AMS, the benefit of being involved with the committee is the ability to learn from our peers. Some great relationships and partnerships are developed through the networking that takes place at our quarterly committee meetings.

The goal of the committee is to improve the operations of member automation and integration technology companies through peer-to-peer sharing and educational programs. We do this by meeting in person three to four times a year to discuss business topics that are relevant to automation and integration providers. We have a formal four-hour meeting that is at the front end of a business conference or automation show. We have also had the opportunity to tour one of the committee member’s facilities and learn more about their operations firsthand. 

Even during COVID, when we couldn’t meet in person, there were still great benefits to membership: The committee meetings were handled remotely during the first year of the pandemic, which was less than ideal. Despite being separated, we were still able to help each other with personnel issues and share best practices when no one was fully aware of what would come next.

I would absolutely encourage other manufacturers to join the AIM committee. The committee leadership understands that members are busy professionals, so we try to organize the committee meetings around major events that will be attended by most of the leaders in the automation and integration space. 

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Automation in Manufacturing Committee, or AMT in general, contact Ben Moses at or 703-827-5231.

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Guy O'Gara

Guy O'Gara

As president and CEO for the last 20 years, Guy’s leadership keeps AMS going strong. He takes responsibility for understanding the industrial automation industry, AMS customers and every team member so that he can find a winning strategy that benefits everyone.