Precision Fastening

Eat tight tolerances for lunch with precision fastening systems

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AMS Automated Machine Systems Cincinnati

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Flexible Options for Ultraprecise Operation

Choose from three levels of machines to balance your budget and performance needs

Is Your Precision Fastening Operation Screwed Up?

Can you say for sure your screwdriving and nutrunning assemblies are error-proof? Are you selling your company short by not taking advantage of connected systems that offer traceability and ease of re-programming? Once you make the decision to automate, you need an experienced partner that won’t let you down.

With precision fastening equipment from AMS, you get:

  • Error-proofing, traceability and quality control
  • Dead-on accuracy
  • Torque and angle monitoring options

Who’s Helping You Hold Tight?

You understand the need for an innovative approach to precision fastening. The work requires it and customers demand it. But you need help from an automation machine systems supplier that won’t leave you hanging. It’s time for a different approach.

Make the switch to AMS for our:

  • Deep application knowledge
  • 99.5% on-time delivery record and 97% customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 hotline for urgent support
  • Flexible “engineering only” option

Precision Fastening and Screwdriving Systems

AMS’s complete line of precision fastening products meets the needs of manufacturers requiring tight tolerances and high levels of error-proofing and traceability. Used in a variety of assembly operations, our screwdrivers and nutrunners offer:

PF-201: Our entry level, manual option for low budgets and low volumes

PF-301: A mid-level manual offering, balancing the need for performance with budget

PF-401: Our high-end offering with fast cycle times and automatic or semi-automatic functionality

Ready for Takeoff?

If your current screwdriving and nutrunning operations are dragging you down, it’s time to make the switch. Premium quality precision fastening systems are more accurate and easy to use. Our three product tiers mean you can choose the best fit for your application and budget requirements. Bring us your application idea and learn how automation can help your company soar.

Precision Fastening Systems
Connect with Precision Fastening Systems from AMS

Manufacturers like you choose AMS for premium quality, robust screwdrivers and nutrunners with sophisticated torque and angle control. Let us help you choose the right system for your specifications, budget and floor space. Suitable for a variety of assembly operations, our entry level machines are manually actuated and able to be retooled and reused if product requirements change. Select our intermediate or top level machines for faster cycle times, semi-automatic functionality and the ability to synchronize multiple spindles.

With our programmable IO and data collection you can meet product traceability specifications with ease. Operators will appreciate our ergonomic comfort grips and pulse fastening technology that reduces the reaction typically associated with high torque tools. AMS’s application development lab ensures performance.

As with all automated machine systems from AMS, our precision fasteners are delivered on time and on budget, and built to last. If you have any problems, we’re just a phone call away on our 24/7 hotline.

Surefire Automation Plan

  • Share your automation goals with one of our application engineers.
  • Share your vision and goals.
  • Grow your business with precision fastening systems.