AMS Ultrasonic Welding Machine Data Security

The Importance of Ultrasonic Welding Machine Data Security

Integrating a cybersecurity plan into your manufacturing business is essential to the safety of regulatory data and maintaining consumer confidence in your product and its quality. An article from Machine Design describes the importance of ultrasonic welding machine data security. 

Identifying Your Weakest Links

The first step to beefing up your cybersecurity is identifying the areas that are the most vulnerable and valuable, Machine Design suggests. Knowing what you’re protecting and why will help you better protect those areas. Understanding threats, taking real-time inventory, updating systems, etc. will ensure stronger cybersecurity. Completing basic security measures like regular training and upholding policies and procedures will also prevent risks. 

Due to the increased digitalization of the manufacturing floor, a now critical area of security protection is manufacturing data. This data ensures consumers of the quality of performance of products and the capacity of the manufacturer to consistently maintain its high-value production. Threats to the consistency of manufacturing and products can now represent a threat to the acceptance and approval of the product. 

Collecting High-Integrity Data

Because errors in the manufacturing of medical products could affect human life, the FDA requires that these devices be traceable. Tracking could involve data for each component of the product or the quality of an ultrasonic weld down to the day, time and the operator in charge. To abide by these regulations, it is necessary to implement security measures during the creation and storage of the data and also via features that protect the transfer of and access to the data. 

Ultrasonic welding plays an important role in the manufacturing of medical, electronic and automotive products. To ensure the security of the data coming from ultrasonic welding machines, it’s best to upgrade them with security features that replicate those found on equipment like computers that are connected to the internet. 

Improve Your Ultrasonic Welding Machine Data Security

Knowing the importance of protecting your ultrasonic welding machine’s data is vital to the consistency and reliability of your products. To learn more, download our plastic joining data sheet or contact us to discuss your data security concerns.  

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