Jillian Becker - AMS

AMS Engineering Team

Jillian Becker

Controls Engineer

Jill, in her role as a Controls Engineer, plays a crucial part in the design and development of electrical systems for all AMS machines. Her contributions involve designing, developing, testing, and overseeing the manufacturing of electrical equipment to deliver the safest and most efficient solutions to customers. In addition to these responsibilities, Jill evaluates existing engineering processes and standards, identifying areas for improvement and implementing enhancements. With her expertise, she ensures that AMS keeps pace with the exponential technological advancements in the world.

Born and raised in West Chester, Ohio, Jill completed her Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in May 2023. She embarked on her journey with AMS as an Electrical Engineering Co-op in the fall of 2020. Right from the start, Jill made a significant impact by enhancing internal procedures and offering a fresh perspective on the structure of the company's engineering processes, which are still in use today. Her commitment to honest and clear communication with partners has been a core value throughout her professional experience. Jill thrives on the creative and technical challenges that come with working at AMS, constantly pushing herself to excel.

Outside of her professional commitments, Jill generously volunteers as an engineering mentor for a local high school robotics team. Being a former member of the same team during her high school years, she feels compelled to give back and guide young women in engineering. When she's not spending time with friends, family, or her cat, Jill dedicates her spare time to researching and designing small electrical projects of her own, further fueling her passion for the field.