marshall hornsby

AMS Sales Team

Marshall Hornsby

Sales Development Representative

One of the many ways AMS is growing in recent years is adding Marshall as a Full-time Sales Development Representative. As our SDR, Marshall is in charge of facilitating the top end of our sales funnel. This includes things such as new customer prospecting research, cold calling/emailing, setting up discovery calls and overall building the brand awareness of AMS!

Marshall also serves as a connector for both internal and external marketing efforts, as well as facilitating our strategy and generating new content. Marshall’s goal is to clearly communicate to our prospective customers our superior process expertise, product knowledge, and creative production solutions.

Marshall is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelors in Marketing and Sales. Prior to AMS he had an internship with Kaleidoscope Innovation as an inside sales intern. Before joining permanently, Marshall worked as a marketing CO-OP for AMS, understanding our ability to expand and positive company culture he accepted a full time position after graduation.

Outside of work, Marshall is a big sports fan and holds Bearcats football season tickets. He is also a big film buff and loves trying out new foods! With Marshall leading the way for all new prospective customers, AMS is happy to be growing alongside him!