Types of joining systems: spin welding

Types of Joining Systems: Spin Welding

We are continuing our series covering the various types of joining systems available to companies manufacturing plastic products.  Last month, we discussed a newer method known as ultrasonic welding

types of joining systems: ultrasonic welding

Today we are taking a closer look at spin welding. 

Spin welding has been practiced with metals for hundreds of years and is one of the oldest known methods for joining thermoplastics.  Quite simply, spin welding joins two parts by applying pressure in a circular, spinning motion.  One part is held stationary in a fixture, while the other is rotated.  The resulting friction creates heat that melts the joint surface, fuses the parts, and creates a strong, hermetic seal. 

There is a lot of flexibility with this type of system.  The joint interface of the components needs to be circular, but the parts themselves do not.  Thermoplastic parts can be of a variety of materials, filled or unfilled, and the materials can even be different from one another.  AMS spin welding machines offer several variables for control and weld quality, such as the amounts of pressure, speed of rotation, and weld depth.  Our engineers can even help you determine the optimal settings for your machine based on your application.

Automated Machine Systems is what we do and we are about.  Whether you are looking for a machine for spin welding, staking, or another plastic joining systems, we are experts in the industry.  Whatever your application, we have a solution for you.  Contact us online or at 513-771-3525 to find the best system for your company.

At AMS we are all about standard products that exceed your expectations and provide maximum value.

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