Ultrasonic Welding Machine Case Study

Case Study: Quick Turn Ultrasonic Welding Machine


A global tier 2 supplier of automotive interior parts needed a plastic joining system to assemble an interior plastic console piece in a really fast turnaround time. Due to stringent time frames with the new model launch they were supporting, the customer needed a reliable solution delivered in time to hit their deadline. The typical lead time for AMS to design, assemble, test and deliver a custom ultrasonic welding machine is roughly 16-18 weeks.


Even with the abbreviated production time allowed, we still followed our proven 17-step process. AMS was able to identify the right solution allowing our engineers to design a machine to detect the presence of both components to be assembled. By using two 35kHz ultrasonic welding stacks with pneumatic actuators mounted to an overhead platen, the machine welded the part in two separate places simultaneously, with a total cycle time of less than 10 seconds. The machine featured ultrasonic welding equipment that included end-of-weld energy feedback and a rigid mechanical stop to prevent over-travel. 

The customer required the surface finish to be clean. We had to verify our operations didn’t leave any surface marks to avoid any rework steps. Another requirement was that the gap between the two components had to be minimized and repeatable. AMS ensured this by monitoring the depth of the weld points and programming the right frequency on the welders to achieve a clean weld. 


The 35kHz ultrasonic welding machine was delivered in only 12 weeks. AMS was able to integrate the machine to the customer, allowing them to produce the interior console part to their end customer on time and within budget. 

The Corporate Tooling and Process Manager was very pleased with the outcome. “AMS’s technical expertise with plastic joining really helped us develop the right system for our application. The machine was delivered in record time, and their in-house team was great to work with during the process.”

How Can We Help You?

At AMS, we’ve developed our “secret sauce” over hundreds of successful projects: It’s a 17-step process that is ingrained in our way of doing business. It separates us from our competition and contributes to our 99 percent on-time delivery record and customer satisfaction.

Choosing AMS ensures your project will be completed on time; even if that is a short time! Our focus on just four core competencies ensures technical success, because we are application experts in plastic joining, leak testing, precision fastening and clip insertion.For quick turn — or long lead time — ultrasonic welding machine automation, book a meeting with us to review your needs and goals.

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