Automated Robotic Systems in Indiana

Optimize cycle times and meet stringent quality metrics with automated robotic systems in Indiana.

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Take Automation to the Next Level

Your Indiana business depends on quality and consistency. Most likely, your production already uses automated methods. But is that sufficient? Automated robotic systems bring consistency and quality to the next level. They’ll increase efficiency and precision so you can count on the quality of your product.

Choose AMS for Automated Robotic Systems in Indiana

AMS has extensive knowledge of designing, assembling, and deploying robotic cells for a range of industries, including:

  • Medical device
  • Plastic processors
  • Automotive

Tell Us About Your Needs

Don’t Fall Behind

Do you have assemblies that have lengthy cycle times or subpar quality? Don't harm your relationships with customers by not fulfilling expectation. Automated robotic systems from AMS can:

  • Adapt to new assembly requirements in the future.
  • Optimize cycle times.
  • Meet stringent quality metrics.
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You Want to Go Faster and Farther

Although you want to concentrate on productivity and expanding your business, there may be ongoing threats from volume demands, safety concerns, and labor shortages. Are you prepared to explore the possibilities Indiana's automated robotic systems provide for you? AMS can find the best technique to get your desired result, regardless of the application.

Trust our experience using:

  • 4-,6-,8-axis robots.
  • SCARA robots.
  • Collaborative robots (co-bots).
  • Gantry/Cartesian robots.

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  • Share your vision and goals.
  • Grow your business with custom automation systems.