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Pick Up the Pace with Precision Clip Installation

Partner with AMS to streamline your clip installation operation.

What’s Holding Your Business Back?

Not taking advantage of innovations in clip installation automation could be costing you time and money. Missing the mark on even the smallest details can add up to big losses. Are you limping along instead of running full speed ahead?  


Partner with AMS and take advantage of our:

  • Engineering and design expertise.
  • Deep experience in the automotive industry.
  • On-time delivery guided by proven processes.

Pounding It Out but Not Pulling Ahead? 

We understand that efficient assembly is the key to profitability. In this tight labor market, you also have to think about ease of training and long-term operator comfort. Customers are counting on you for fast and error-proof assemblies. You have to make every minute and dollar count.

Trust AMS to smooth the way: 

  • Deep application knowledge.
  • 99.5% on-time delivery record and 97% customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 hotline for urgent support.
  • Flexible “engineering only” option.

The Clip Installation Machine Features You Need

The key to successful clip installation is our innovative installation head and press platen design. AMS engineers each clip installation head specifically for each style of clip. Our clip installation heads feature:

Magnetic (not mechanical) retention of the clip

Exceptional ease of loading for operator

Adjustability in the X, Y and Z directions

sensors to confirm clip presence before cycling

Go or No Go?

How would automation help your operations and how much would it cost? Find out fast with our online AMS RFQ tool. Don’t guesstimate: Submit a few project details online so you can make informed decisions.

The Dependable, Field-Tested Choice

There’s a good reason AMS systems are integrated into assembly lines throughout North America. Clip installation is one of our core competencies. We’ve honed our craft in this application for years. You can count on our in-depth expertise in building semi-automated equipment for installing door panel clips onto automotive interior plastic door panels, bezels, quarter panels, knee bolsters, pillars and other interior trim components.

Clip Install Machine

Surefire Automation Plan

  • Share your automation goals with one of our application engineers.
  • Share your vision and goals.
  • Grow your business with custom automation systems.

Clip Installation FAQs

Get the answer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on clip installation