Case Study

Automation for Plastic Processors

Injection Molding Solutions Case Study: Automation for Plastic Processors

By AMS Machines / September 2, 2021

Problem Wilbert Plastics Services, a North Carolina based injection molding company, had a great project that required an automated solution that could meet their customer’s growing demand. They needed an automated solution to meet and exceed their customer production requirements. Meeting the high-volume demand would require multiple turnkey machines to automate the process of inserting…

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Ultrasonic Welding for Automotive

Case Study: Automated Ultrasonic Welding for Automotive Applications

By AMS Machines / July 27, 2021

Your average automobile contains about 30,000 individual components put together into approximately 1,800 separate assemblies, all of which are just as important as the next. Assemblies are typically manufactured by “part suppliers” on the open market competing for the business of major auto manufacturers. The vehicle manufacturers then buy up these parts and aggregate them into…

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Case Study: Medical Device Assembly

Case Study: A Case for Automation in Medical Device Assembly

By Marshall Hornsby / May 6, 2021

Automation Fast-Tracks Assembly for Medical Device Manufacturer  Challenge A Cincinnati-based medical device manufacturer of minimally invasive wearable injectors was in a bind: The company’s senior manufacturing engineer needed a process for joining three small metal tube spikes to the plastic device. The joining technique had to be repeatable and efficient, and it required verification at…

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