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Are You Risking Customer Loyalty and Profits?

Failing to meet stringent requirements could damage your customer relationships and your company's reputation. Choosing the wrong automation systems provider could endanger your product launch. 

Leak testing machines from AMS feature:

  • Customization for your application.
  • Secure and proper part placement.
  • Error proofing and poka-yoke quality controls.

Worried About Mistake-Proofing Efficiently?  

You want to focus on productivity and growing your company, not lose sleep over inaccurate leak testing or expensive, repetitive manual processes. Either challenge could lead to faulty parts or product failure. You need efficient and accurate leak testing that’s customized for your application. Without it, you can’t ensure seal quality. Are you ready for a new, transparent approach to automated machine systems?

Choose AMS for our:

  • Deep application knowledge.
  • 99.5% on-time delivery record and 97% customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 hotline for urgent support.
  • Flexible “engineering only” option.

Reliable Leak Testing from AMS

AMS has in-depth expertise in designing liquid and air leakage units for pressure decay, vacuum decay and mass flow air, helium and hydrogen gas leak test systems that ensure your devices and components are properly sealed. Our machines feature:

Fixtures to position and secure the part

Sensors to ensure the part is positioned properly

Automatic sealing of all openings

“Poka-yoke” quality control testing to ensure all components are assembled correctly and functioning properly

We produce leak testing machines for a wide variety of uses including automotive applications, medical devices, consumer products and other industrial products. We develop the best leak testing machines for your application through our thorough design and build process.

On the Fence About Automation?

If you’re considering automation for your operations, having accurate information to guide your decisions is critical. Don’t wait for that information: Jump to our online request for quotation (RFQ) tool. 

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Reliable Leak Testing from AMS

AMS’s two models of leak test systems use a semi-standard platform for leak testing.

THE LT-201

AMS’s two models of leak test systems use a semi-standard platform for leak testing. The LT-201 offers manual functionality with good cycle times and meets customer needs for lower cost, improved quality and minimum floor space.

Front Light Curtains

Front Light Curtains

To ensure safe run over time, the front light curtains will stop the machining process if it detects the operator.

Sturdy tubular steel frame base

Sturdy tubular steel frame base

Extruded Aluminum Frame

Extruded Aluminum Frame

Frame with Lexan panels and LED Lighting to ensure safe cycles.

Removable Tooling Plate

Removable Tooling Plate

Two 110V Convenience Outlets

Two 110V Convenience Outlets

Human Machine Interface
Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface

For operator messaging, machine set up, and advanced controls.

Emergency Stop and Reset Button
Emergency Stop and Reset Button

Emergency Stop and Reset Button

Lets the operator control the machine and stop if necessary.

Cycle Start Touch Sensor
Cycle Start Touch Sensor

Cycle Start Touch Sensor

Responds to a finger blocking light rather than to pressure to ensure a safe start every time.

THE LT-401

For higher volumes, the LT-401 features semi-automatic operation, outstanding productivity and easy reconfiguration for future requirements.

AMS helps you automate your leak testing processes.

Our machines offer real-world condition simulation and optimum sealing conditions with minimum part deformation. Zaxis’ Isaac HD Multi-Tester equipment is at the heart of our leak test assemblies. Backed by 20+ years of experience and an expert staff, the Isaac HD offers a large, full-color graphic display and outstanding signal processing for unparalleled test stability and repeatability.

Other Features Include:

  • 24 bit AD
  • Available serial, ethernet and PLC interfaces
  • Monitoring functions that record test results and system error data
  • Available two-axis fixture control

Surefire Automation Plan

  • Share your automation goals with one of our application engineers.
  • We’ll guide you through our proven process.
  • Sit back and enjoy the outstanding results.

Leak Testing FAQs

Get the answer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on leak testing.