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Consistent accuracy

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Integrated quality controls

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The Right Insert and Expert Installation Make a Difference 

Don’t risk failure in the field from assemblies that aren’t up to the job. Getting by with slow equipment or using machinery that’s not suitable to your application can cost you time, money and quality. Learn more today.

Count on AMS to bring superior results to your nut insertion operation:

  • Integrated quality control
  • Reduced machine maintenance and increased uptime
  • Pinpoint accuracy, over and over again

Your Company Is Only as Good as Your Last Delivery  

Your day-to-day responsibilities are challenging enough, you can’t add concerns about machine downtime and sketchy output. Slogging through with slow or unreliable machines isn’t taking your company where you want it to go. When it comes to machine systems, you need workhorses you can bet on.

With AMS, you get predictable, repeatable results and our:

  • Deep application knowledge
  • 99.5% on-time delivery record and 97% customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 hotline for urgent support
  • Flexible “engineering only” option

Nut Insertion Machines from AMS

The team at AMS calls on decades of experience with heated nut insertion and electronic motion control to design and build premium automated machine systems. Our machines:

Work with virtually any plastic and a wide range of insert sizes and shapes

Carefully control nut heating and positioning

Use electromagnetic induction for consistent, repeatable temperatures

Eliminate wear with non-contact nut heating 

Feature custom-made induction coils for each application

Work with a range of materials

Offer multiple actuators for short cycle times

Insert within 0.02 mm of target, over and over again

Pick up inserts with a proprietary mechanical pick-up mechanism

Quickly solidify plastic to prevent flash and pock marking

Are flexible to accommodate reconfiguring

Getting the Most from Heated Nut Insertion

Hot nut insertion is the process of inserting a threaded nut into a plastic part. There are three main technologies for related applications: inductive heating, conductive heating and ultrasonic insertion. Pairing six-axis robots and integrated quality controls with this technology allows for accurate, repeated insertion of heated nuts into parts of all configurations.

Inductive hot nut insertion

Inductive hot nut insertion involves heating the nut in a magnetic field produced by an inductive coil.

Conductive Heating

Conductive heating is the process of either pre-heating the plastic prior to insertion, or partially inserting the nut and heating both the plastic and the nut directly via a heated probe.

Ultrasonic insertion

Ultrasonic insertion uses a sonotrode that contacts the insert directly to generate heat through friction.

Surefire Automation Plan

  • Share your automation goals with one of our application engineers.
  • Share your vision and goals.
  • Grow your business with nut insertion systems.