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As you consider automation for your operations, you need accurate information to inform your decision making. Now you don’t need to wait for that information with our online request for quote (RFQ) tool.

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We want to hear about your organization’s latest idea or about your most pressing needs in terms of manufacturing. With our online AMS RFQ, you can quickly share your vision and goals.

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Once you complete the form, a member of our team will follow up to answer any questions in an open discussion, not a hard sales pitch. In fact, we’ll spend most of the time talking about you, your product and your challenges.

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As you consider your quote and plan for your project, we hope you will keep in mind the reasons why customers like you choose AMS:

As you consider your quotation and plan for your project, we hope you will keep in mind the reasons why customers like you choose AMS:

  • Our 99.5% on-time delivery record.
  • A 97% customer satisfaction rating.
  • A proven 17-step process.
  • An engineering only option: Work with us on the engineering before committing to a build partner.

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The quote you receive from our AMS RFQ tool is just one data point. You should also know that your business will enjoy outstanding results from our surefire automation plan. We bring you the service and performance your organization deserves: We partner with the best in the business, including the Association for Manufacturing Technology. The solutions we offer include plastic assembly, leak testing, nut insertion, precision fastening, press machines, glue dispensing and clip installation. 

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