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how robots can help bridge the labor shortage gap

Use Robotic Manufacturing to End your Labor Shortage Woes

By AMS Machines | May 18, 2021

Robotic manufacturing is one of the oldest and most well-known applications of modern industrial automation. There are an estimated three million industrial robots in use today. Using more programmable robots in manufacturing may be a viable solution to the current labor shortage woes.  Programmable robots increase efficiency, reduce injury risk and can be used for…

UV Light Curing and Glueing Mistakes to Avoid

Common UV Light Curing Mistakes to Avoid

By AMS Machines | May 11, 2021

Automatic dispensing and UV light curing provide a myriad of benefits for plastic assembly operations. Light-curing adhesives are fast, easy to implement and provide exceptional bonding strength, according to Assembly. Nonetheless, there are common mistakes made during the dispensing and curing process that can wreak havoc on your assemblies. Wasted material, off-target gluing, inconsistent adhesive…

Medical Device Assembly

A Case for Automation in Medical Device Assembly

By Marshall Hornsby | May 6, 2021

Automation Fast-Tracks Assembly for Medical Device Manufacturer  Challenge A Cincinnati-based medical device manufacturer of minimally invasive wearable injectors was in a bind: The company’s senior manufacturing engineer needed a process for joining three small metal tube spikes to the plastic device. The joining technique had to be repeatable and efficient, and it required verification at…

Medical Device Automation

Medical Device Automation: New Trends For 2021

By AMS Machines | April 20, 2021

Effective leak testing is literally a matter of life or death in the medical device industry. Medical devices separate body fluids or deliver precise dosage of medicines. Given the stringent needs for accuracy, medical device manufacturers need to develop processes that are foolproof to ensure that each and every medical device performs precisely as intended.…

AMS Automation Process

Steps to Success: The 17-Step Automation Process

By Marshall Hornsby | April 13, 2021

In a recent interview, Chris Edwall, VP and General Manager, explains the origin of AMS’s 17-Step Automation Process that is used in every project and why it is a key differentiating factor for manufacturers. Check out Our Processes to read about each step individually as well as view a short animation of the 17-Step Process. It’s…

Automated Assembly System

Convince Your Leadership to Buy an Automated Assembly System (A Cheat Sheet)

By AMS Machines | April 6, 2021

Purchasing an automated assembly system can be a big step, and may seem intimidating for an organization. If you see the benefits of automation for your company but need help getting management buy-in, read on for rationale you can share with leadership. Drive Efficiency With Automated Assembly Systems Mature markets can be especially price-sensitive. There…

Manufacturing Labor Shortage

Manufacturing Labor Shortage: Three Ways to Identify Areas to Automate

By Guy O'Gara | March 23, 2021

In today’s economy, American industrial manufacturing is at a pivotal crossroads. Consumer demand for manufactured products has increased steadily over the past 10 years, yet the manufacturing labor shortage has also increased over that same time. We have more things to make, and fewer people available or interested in making them.  To some, this manufacturing…

industrial automation blog post on project management

Visual Project Management Fast Tracks Industrial Automation

By Chris Edwall | March 16, 2021

Recently a Tier 1 automotive supplier came to us in desperation: They needed a duplicate pressure decay leak testing machine fast. As a returning industrial automation customer, they knew our typical project time was 16 weeks. But they wanted the machine in just eight weeks.  That eight-week timeline simply wasn’t feasible for us, still we…

Air Leak Tester Automation Bottleneck

The Science Behind Why Leak Testing Is a Bottleneck in Automation

By Guy O'Gara | March 10, 2021

A variety of industries frequently use an air leak tester for quality control. For the medical industry, air leak testers check the quality of catheters, IV sets, tubing, implantable devices and infusion sets. In the automotive industry, air leak testers are frequently used to check plastic air intake manifolds, clean and dirty side ductwork, washer…

Early Supplier Involvement Medical Device

Early Supplier Involvement Is Essential During Medical Device Development

By AMS Machines | March 2, 2021

Medical device manufacturers benefit by involving their suppliers early on in the development process. Medical device designers are under increasing pressure to develop medical devices faster and cheaper than their competitors. Project managers are seeking ways to cut timelines, streamline processes and tighten deadlines. The development of new medical devices takes several years, so when…

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