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Manufacturing Cycle Time Analysis to Guide Automation Designs

Manufacturing Cycle Time Analysis to Guide Automation Designs

By AMS Machines | November 30, 2021

In a design advice article posted on Automation Design Hacks, the author outlines an approach to manufacturing cycle time analysis to guide automation design decisions. It starts with thinking about how to use remaining time efficiently versus simply thinking about how long a product takes to build. This approach is eye-opening, but before we get…

Benefits of Assembly Automation for Injection Molders

Top Benefits of Assembly Automation for Injection Molders

By Chris Edwall | November 16, 2021

All injection molders understand that speed, precision and profitability are critical to their company’s success. Automation can be the key to increasing all those factors. Here are some benefits of assembly automation for injection molders:  Fast Return on Investment  It’s clear that automation is the best fit for situations where there is a high volume…

The Traction Process: Getting a Grip on Growth

Getting a Grip on Growth: The Traction Process

By Chris Edwall | November 9, 2021

Business owners can feel they are on a roller coaster of highs and lows, and entrepreneurs often struggle with going from a startup to a fully fledged, functional and profitable organization. The Traction process aims to change both of these scenarios for the better.  At AMS, our use of the Traction process has allowed us…

AMS Automation 101 Automated Ultrasonic Welding

Automation 101: Automated Ultrasonic Welding

By AMS Machines | November 2, 2021

Where a strong bond is needed between separate thermoplastic parts in a manufactured product, automated ultrasonic welding is almost always the best joining method to use. With no waste or high energy demands, ultrasonic welding fuses parts together by generating enough friction that the parts essentially melt together.   Products in nearly any market – from…

AMS named 2021 Cincinnati Best Places to Work

AMS Named Winner of 2021 Cincinnati Best Places to Work

By Guy O'Gara | October 26, 2021

AMS is honored to be named one of the 2021 Cincinnati Best Places to Work! The competition, sponsored by the Cincinnati Business Courier, celebrates local companies that strive to keep employees happy, challenged and engaged.  After being named a finalist for the award, we were honored to accept the award at a recent celebration at …

Problems Manufacturing Automation Solves

Help on the Way: 3 Urgent Problems Manufacturing Automation Solves

By AMS Machines | October 19, 2021

The ninth largest industry in the country with 5.5 percent of the GDP, manufacturing is one of the core business sectors in the U.S. In the past decade, manufacturing has seen a huge resurgence as it begins to adapt with modern technological advancements, making processes more productive, efficient and reliable. However, with drastic changes, especially…

Manufacturing Great Game of Business

Why We Play the Great Game of Business®

By Guy O'Gara | October 13, 2021

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m competitive. This part of my personality could be part of what drew me to a business operation method called the Great Game of Business® (GGOB). What we’ve discovered since implementing GGOB here at AMS is that the outcomes go far beyond the short-tem excitement of winning; they’ve put…

Automation Integrator Guide

Assemble Your Team: Download the Automation Partner Checklist

By AMS Machines | October 5, 2021

It’s hard to know where to start when finding the best automation partner. How do you know what to look for? How do you evaluate the competencies of an automation integrator? To simplify the process, we made a one-page checklist with questions to ask and things to consider on your journey to choosing an automation…

AMS Automotive Leak Detection

Automation 101: A Beginners Guide For Automotive Leak Detection

By AMS Machines | September 21, 2021

The automotive industry is a hotbed for leak testing applications, and demanding ones at that. In a manner of speaking, your vehicle is nothing more than a series of containers on wheels. The average vehicle has several dozen mechanical, fluid, thermal, electrical and hydraulic systems, all of which must be kept physically separate from each…

We understand you’re overworked and under pressure.

You need to trim costs and boost profits. Your salespeople have made promises to customers and now you have to deliver. You know that automating your manufacturing processes will help, but choosing an automation systems supplier can feel like jumping off a cliff. We are proud to present automated manufacturing solutions for America's dedicated manufacturers.

At, AMS you can count on us for automated manufacturing solutions and our:

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  • Proven 17-step process
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Our precise and reliable leak testing and plastic joining systems help you manufacture safe and reliable medical devices.

Plastic Processors

Increase productivity and profitability with custom automation for contract manufacturing.


We work with you to identify, design and implement solutions that fit your appliance parts and other products manufacturing.


Cut costs and boost productivity with effective automation systems designed for your automotive, truck and off-road components.

Looking for Automated Manufacturing Solutions?

Check out the blog posts above to learn about all-things automation, including air leak testing, automated plastic processing, medical device automation, heated nut insertion and more.

We also have data sheets for each of the products that we offer, as well as videos showing our machines, and team, in action.

We want to empower American manufacturers. That's why we continue to learn and share our knowledge as a member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO). AMS has 20 years of experience in the industry, so we are excited to share our best automated manufacturing solutions.


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