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Medical industry experience

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Reliable systems 

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Understanding of FDA Regulations

Making Automation Painless

The productivity and efficiency you need, without sacrificing safety and quality

Need a Sure Cure for Manufacturing Headaches? 

You have to tap every advantage if you’re going to keep up with the fast-paced medical device manufacturing and life science field. Is taking an old-fashioned approach to manufacturing hurting your success? Was your previous automated machine partner a help or a hindrance? Choosing the wrong supplier can have serious side effects.

With AMS as your automated machine systems partner, your company can:

  • Benefit from years of medical experience
  • Go from idea to installation with expert guidance
  • Bring efficiency and profitability to your operation

Diagnosis: Growing Pains

We understand your company needs to distinguish itself, overcome huge challenges and maybe even help save lives. Streamlining production and tapping outside resources is a necessity in this competitive field where sometimes multiple projects are launching at once. Choosing partners with proven experience is vital: When you need guidance and support, it’s no time for amateur hour. How can you get the medical device manufacturing automation you need without delivery hassles and cost overruns?   

Trust your project’s health to AMS:

  • 99.5% on-time delivery record and 97% customer satisfaction
  • Laser focus on our core competencies
  • Proven 17-step process
  • Flexible “engineering only” option

Medical Device Manufacturing Automation That Feels Better

AMS has years of experience providing the medical device industry with quality automated machines. Like you, we understand that product failure could result in devastating consequences to a patient. Working alongside customers, we put our systems through a rigorous 17-step manufacturing process to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Count on Our Core Competencies

We put our deep application knowledge to work in medical device manufacturing, especially with leak testing and ultrasonic welding. 

Our leak testing machines, as well as helium and hydrogen gas leak testing systems, are used in manufacturing a variety of medical devices, such as tubes and catheters. We utilize “poka-yoke” quality control testing and sensors to ensure parts are placed properly. Our expertise enables us to not only manufacture the best systems, but also consult with our clients to determine which type of leak testing is best for their application. 

Ultrasonic welding provides superior plastic joining whether you are manufacturing surgical instruments, wearable infusion devices, personal protective equipment (PPE) or other applications. AMS ultrasonic welding systems quickly create strong bonds without the risk of contamination or damaging delicate parts. Ultrasonic welding is an easy choice when manufacturing parts that must meet strict regulatory requirements, and our machines help you repeatedly meet expectations.

Don’t risk safety or reliability by using anything less than AMS.

Surefire Automation Plan

  • Share your automation goals with one of our application engineers.
  • Share your vision and goals.
  • Grow your business with custom automation systems.