Automated Press Machines in Kentucky

See how you can boost productivity and profits with automated press machines in Kentucky.

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Make It Simple With Automated Press Machines in Kentucky

Don’t risk your company’s reputation, profits or productivity by not taking advantage of an expert automation partner. At AMS we can make the development of the application(s) you need a simple process. We’ll start with your idea and take it all the way to integration. We’ll guide you in choosing the best solutions for your needs with our 17-step process.

What you can expect from automated press machines in Kentucky

  • Sturdy metal frames with Lexan panels and LED lighting
  • Pneumatic presses
  • Advanced operator controls and messaging
  • Three-sided light curtains for safety and ease of part loading
  • Removable upper and lower tooling plates
  • Cycle start touch sensor

Tell Us About Your Needs

Don’t Be Pressed About Press Machines

AMS has extensive experience with automation and press machines. We will help you determine the goals for your machine and get you the results your company relies on. Our machines are designed for applications that require high levels of error-proofing, precise collar depths and repeatability to ensure high quality. Our machines are ready to take on your job with fast cycle times and automatic or semi-automatic functionality.

AMS Automated Press Machine

The Low Down on Our PM-401 Series

Our PM-401 series features pneumatic cylinders that accurately press compression limiters to the correct depth as well as multiple sensors that make sure the collars and workpiece are properly aligned in the PM-401. Parts commonly produced by the PM-401 include intake manifolds, engine covers, oil reservoirs and a wide variety of rigid plastic automotive parts that use ultrasonic welding. Our team will work with you to assess your assembly line press or precision pressing needs. Contact us to see how your company can benefit from automation.

Surefire Automation Plan

  • Book an application review.
  • Share your vision and goals.
  • Grow your business with custom automation systems.