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Induction Heated Nut Insertion

Induction Heated Nut Insertion: Information and Applications

By AMS Machines / June 17, 2021

Bonding plastic materials presents an interesting challenge to medical device manufacturers, especially in today’s world of miniaturization, weight-reduction, lifespan extension and ultra-fast times to market. Traditional methods of fusing and gluing plastics together struggle to support modern functional and cost expectations. At the same time, many manufacturers may resist investing in advanced solutions given current…

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Air Leak Testing Equipment

Types of Air Leak Testing Equipment

By AMS Machines / June 3, 2021

Air leak testing equipment is used to determine if a product has been manufactured to meet its leak specifications. Everything leaks to a certain degree, but the leak specifications are set to meet the end use requirements. Leak testing is an effective quality assurance practice that can detect failed seals, microscopic holes and other defects.…

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Robotic Manufacturing: how robots can help bridge the labor shortage gap

Use Robotic Manufacturing to End your Labor Shortage Woes

By AMS Machines / May 18, 2021

Robotic manufacturing is one of the oldest and most well-known applications of modern industrial automation. There are an estimated three million industrial robots in use today. Using more programmable robots in manufacturing may be a viable solution to the current labor shortage woes.  Programmable robots increase efficiency, reduce injury risk and can be used for…

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UV Light Curing and Glueing Mistakes to Avoid

Common UV Light Curing Mistakes to Avoid

By AMS Machines / May 11, 2021

Automatic dispensing and UV light curing provide a myriad of benefits for plastic assembly operations. Light-curing adhesives are fast, easy to implement and provide exceptional bonding strength, according to Assembly. Nonetheless, there are common mistakes made during the dispensing and curing process that can wreak havoc on your assemblies. Wasted material, off-target gluing, inconsistent adhesive…

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AMS Medical Device Automation Trends

Medical Device Automation: New Trends For 2021

By AMS Machines / April 20, 2021

Effective leak testing is literally a matter of life or death in the medical device industry. Medical devices separate body fluids or deliver precise dosage of medicines. Given the stringent needs for accuracy, medical device manufacturers need to develop processes that are foolproof to ensure that each and every medical device performs precisely as intended.…

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Automated Assembly System

Convince Your Leadership to Buy an Automated Assembly System (A Cheat Sheet)

By AMS Machines / April 6, 2021

Purchasing an automated assembly system can be a big step, and may seem intimidating for an organization. If you see the benefits of automation for your company but need help getting management buy-in, read on for rationale you can share with leadership. Drive Efficiency With Automated Assembly Systems Mature markets can be especially price-sensitive. There…

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Early Supplier Involvement Medical Device

Early Supplier Involvement Is Essential During Medical Device Development

By AMS Machines / March 2, 2021

Medical device manufacturers benefit by involving their suppliers early on in the development process. Medical device designers are under increasing pressure to develop medical devices faster and cheaper than their competitors. Project managers are seeking ways to cut timelines, streamline processes and tighten deadlines. The development of new medical devices takes several years, so when…

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Heated nut insertion automation for rock-solid connections

Heated Nut Insertion Automation Streamlines the Manufacturing Process

By AMS Machines / February 26, 2021

Whether it’s for an intake manifold, surgical light or lawn mower deck, attaching perfectly molded plastic parts to the rest of a sub-assembly can be a struggle. Fortunately, you can overcome that obstacle with precision heated nut insertion.  Manufacturers across the automotive, medical device manufacturing and consumer product industries benefit from automating the nut insertion…

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Automated Machine Systems

AMS Inc. Spotlights Comprehensive Manufacturing Automation Services in New Website

By AMS Machines / February 11, 2021

Site showcases core competencies in medical, plastic processing, consumer and transportation industries CINCINNATI, Ohio, February 1, 2021: A new year with a new look: Automated Machine Systems, Inc., a trusted provider of plastic parts assembly and leak testing systems, has launched a new website that showcases the addition of two new core competencies. Through the…

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The importance of using poka-yoke

The Importance of Using Poka-Yoke Efficiently in Today’s World

By AMS Machines / May 21, 2018

There are billions of dollars invested in the manufacturing businesses all over the world. That’s why quality assurance is something that everyone talks about in every business. In order to keep production standards consistent, a lot of attention is given to what happens on at the production floors. There are various processes that are practiced…

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