Manufacturing Automation For Medical Devices

Why Choose Manufacturing Automation for Medical Devices?

The medical device manufacturing and life science field is fast-paced as it is increasingly adding automation to its processes. Many devices are now being molded from silicone, a process that greatly benefits from automation’s repeatability and quality control, according to a recent article in Medical Developments Today. Learn why manufacturing automation for medical devices is vital to increasing accuracy and productivity. 

Designing for Manufacturing

To reach the most efficient and cost-effective solution, it’s important for medical device manufacturers to partner with molding vendors early in the design process. This close partnership can increase consistency and quality in production and overall device performance. 

Improved Quality

Manufacturing automation for medical devices helps solve potential manufacturing issues like underfilling the cavity. Automated manufacturing lines can be set to produce parts with high levels of accuracy and speed and can minimize the margin of error. 

Automated manufacturing is the primary step toward the industrial internet of things (IIoT).  With notifications and alerts that prompt humans to diagnose and fix problems, and soon the ability of the machine to fix itself, the industry continues to innovate. Even companies that manufacture at low quantities can take advantage of this technology using cameras and automated pressure tests for product inspection. 

Improving Delivery

Manufacturing automation for medical devices also improves delivery as it has a constant cycle time and won’t slow down due to worker fatigue or other distractions. This gives workers time to focus on process improvement and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), which measures availability, performance and quality. 

Increasing Scalability

Automated manufacturing is a great financial decision, but it does require a solid well-trained team. Product quantity can be increased even when switching from semi-automated to automated machinery. 

Improving Safety

Automation is innately safer as it decreases the need for human intervention. Medical device manufacturing requires sharp objects used to cut through silicone, which can be a safety hazard.

Choose AMS for Your Manufacturing Automation for Medical Devices 

Choosing the right partner that has experience in automation is key to increasing productivity and getting the most out of manufacturing automation for medical devices. At AMS we understand your company needs to distinguish itself, overcome huge challenges and maybe even help save lives. Book a virtual meeting with us to take the next step toward custom machine automation systems. 

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