the AMS GC-401 Data Sheet

Choosing the Right Automated Glue Dispense and Cure System for Your Application

Discover the Benefits of a Glue Dispense and Cure System

Download the GC-401 data sheet today.

For applications requiring precise glue dispense quantities and locations, the AMS GC-401 is an ideal choice. This system is often used to produce respiratory devices, blood filtration devices, syringes, reservoirs and a wide variety of plastic medical parts that use adhesive technologies.

Ready for fast glue and cure cycle times? Start your automated journey with AMS today: Use this data sheet to start designing your precision system. Together with semi-standard platforms, AMS’s 17-step process ensures we deliver the right solution, on time and to your specifications. 

This data sheet will help you: 

  • Learn the GC-401 functions and specifications.
  • Determine if it is right for your application.
  • Plan for mechanical and electrical requirements. 
  • Review ordering options.

Use this free data sheet to take your next (or first) step toward reduced cycle time with a semi-automatic glue and cure system.

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