Guy O'Gara

AMS LEadership Team

Guy O'Gara


The late, great Vince Lombardi once said, “Football is like life: It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” This singular American sport teaches us the facts of life every day, whether we’re picking up the ball or picking up the phone to make a business call. A successful career requires the same values, skills and traits. We can’t think of a better quote to reflect our own head coach, Guy O’Gara.

As president and CEO, Guy’s leadership keeps AMS going strong. He’s been here for 20 years, and it’s his job to understand the team forward and backward, from their strengths to their challenges and everything in between. He sets out to understand every team member’s goals and objectives for business and personal growth so that he can find a winning strategy that benefits everyone. The result is two decades’ worth of grit, talent and excellence.

Leading AMS to success comes naturally to Guy. He grew up in Kansas City watching his father work as a mechanical engineer, and he always wanted to start a business and build a team of his own. He’s a graduate of the University of Kansas, class of 1989, where he played football and earned a BSBA in business. His first job was at Koch Industries doing sales and marketing in Wichita, KS. O’Gara furthered his sales career with international exposure at Hess & Eisenhardet. He went on to start Jasco Engineering and Sales in 1993 and grew it into the successful company it is today. His career is steeped in the industrial manufacturing industry, making him the first-round draft pick for AMS.

When he’s not in the office, Guy enjoys recreational sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, fishing, golfing, tennis, pickleball — you get the idea. He loves to stay active and find fun and challenging ways to exercise. He also enjoys the delicious dishes and lunch specials at Meritage Restaurant in downtown Glendale. For 17 years, Guy coached youth football, teaching kids how to play the game and strengthen their skills in teamwork and accountability. If you ask him, he’ll tell you it’s the greatest game ever invented for imparting life lessons — not unlike the wisdom of Coach Lombardi himself.