the AMS LT-401 Data Sheet

Choose a Semi-Automatic Leak Testing System for Your Application

Take the First Step Toward Reducing Cycle Times

Download the LT-401 data sheet today.

For higher volumes, the LT-401 features semi-automatic leak testing operations, outstanding productivity and easy reconfiguration for future requirements. The LT-401 platform is ideal for testing pressure decay, vacuum decay and mass flow leaks.

Ready to reduce cycle time significantly? Start your testing automation journey with AMS today: Use this data sheet to start planning a  leak testing system. Together with proven designs, AMS’s 17-step process ensures we deliver the right solution, on time and to your specifications. 

This data sheet will help you: 

  • Learn how the LT-401 functions.
  • Determine if it is right for your application.
  • Plan for mechanical and electrical requirements. 
  • Review ordering options.

Use this free data sheet to take your next (or first) step toward reduced cycle time with an LT-401 system.

Worried About Mistake-Proofing Efficiently?

Instead of losing sleep over inaccurate leak testing, you want to focus on the growth of your company. Faulty parts and product failure could spell disaster for your reputation. That's why we bring you customized and accurate leak testing to ensure seal quality in your products.

AMS has a solution for you, no matter your industry. We produce leak testing machines for automotive applications, medical devices and other industrial products.

Choosing the LT-401 model is just the beginning. We work within your parameters to provide concept sketches, prototypes, testing, CAD drawings, production tooling and complete systems installation.

AMS has years of experience in providing quality leak testing machines. We have expertise in designing pressure decay, vacuum decay and mass flow air, helium and hydrogen gas leak test systems. Benefits of our systems include:

  • Customization for your application
  • Secure and proper part placement
  • Error proofing and poka-yoke quality controls