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Why Machine Integrators Should Care about Cybersecurity

Technology is always evolving, especially in recent years. With those changes, the issue of cybersecurity has moved to the forefront for many people. Recent studies show discrepancies between the cybersecurity budget of consumers and that of manufacturers. Software publishing companies and internet providers allocate nearly twice as much to cybersecurity from their IT budgets than industrial manufacturers. It is important to understand that cybersecurity is critical for machine integrators and manufacturers. 

Just as in other industries, machine integrators and manufacturers are vulnerable and should make sufficient contributions to their cybersecurity. The number of cyberattacks is growing; even those who are sure they are safe have found themselves unable to defend themselves against these attacks. Unfortunately, as technology advances, so does cybercrime. 

Fighting Back

Here are three ways machine integrators can fortify their defenses against cybercrime: 

  1. Encourage proper cybersecurity measures: Machine integrators have the opportunity to educate their customers about the steps they should take to ensure their safety. Showing them how to implement essential cybersecurity practices is important. By doing so, the machine builders raise awareness within the environment and also lay a foundation of defense against potential threats. 
  2. Use advanced security layers: Integrating advanced security layers into the design of new equipment is another innovative approach to enhancing cybersecurity. Using this strategy means that machine integrators can offer their customers built-in security measures. Embedding security layers into the design of the equipment adds a substantial defense to work alongside other measures being taken by the manufacturers.  
  3. Advise on legacy equipment: Due to outdated technology and lack of modern security technology, legacy equipment often poses a substantial cyber security risk. Machine integrators are able to advise managers of the risks and discuss how to safely connect legacy equipment to current networks to ensure cybersecurity. 

How Safe Are You Really?

We know that cybersecurity can be tough, but it is of the utmost importance. That is why we are here to help. Contact us or book a virtual appointment today to learn how you as a machine integrator can ensure top-tier cybersecurity for your customers.

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Marshall Hornsby

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