the AMS MedFlex Cell Data Sheet

Used for Medical Device Assembly Automation

Discover the Benefits of Medical Device Assembly Automation

Download the MedFlex Cell data sheet today.

The AMS MedFlex Cell for medical device assembly automation is a semi-standard platform for precision assembly and testing for the medical device industry. It is a versatile, general purpose machine that offers semi-automatic operation, outstanding productivity and is easily reconfigurable for changing future requirements.

Start your assembly automation journey with AMS today: Download the MedFlex Cell data sheet to start designing your medical device assembly automation system. With our semi-standard designs and proven 17-step process, we deliver the right solution, on time and to your specifications. 

This data sheet will help you: 

  • Discover common MedFlex Cell industries and applications.
  • Learn about key features such as cleanroom classifications, operator assembly aids and data collection availability.
  • Study the electrical and mechanical requirements. 
  • Review ordering options.

Use this free data sheet to take your next (or first) step toward building life-saving medical products more efficiently.