the AMS NI-401 Data Sheet

Discover a Semi-Standard Nut Insertion Platform

Discover the Benefits of Semi-Automatic Nut Insertion

Download the NI-401 data sheet today.

For applications requiring high pull-out strengths, the AMS Nut Insertion Platform NI-401 is an ideal choice. This system is often used to produce intake manifolds, valve covers, oil reservoirs and a wide variety of rigid plastic automotive parts that use plastic joining operations.

Ready to reduce cycle times? Start your automated journey with AMS today: Use this data sheet to start designing your nut insertion machine. Together with semi-standard platforms, AMS’s 17-step process ensures we deliver the right solution, on time and to your specifications. 

This data sheet will help you: 

  • Learn how the NI-401 operates.
  • Determine if it’s the right solution for your application.
  • Plan for mechanical and electrical specifications. 
  • Review ordering options.

Use this free data sheet to take your next (or first) step toward reduced cycle times with semi-automatic nut insertion.

Slogging Through With Slow or Unreliable Machines?

Slow equipment and machinery that's not suitable to your application can cost your business time, money and quality.

There are three main technologies for hot nut insertion: inductive heating, conductive heating and ultrasonic insertion. Integrated quality controls allow for accurate, repeated insertion of heated nuts into parts of all configurations.

What do nut insertion machines do? Our hot nut insertion machines can do the following:

  • Work with nearly any plastic, plus a wide variety of insert shapes and sizes

  • Control nut position and heating

  • Repeatedly insert within .02 mm of target

We've honed our craft in building induction heated nut insertion machines since 2000. Since then, we've refined our designs to meet the application's need, whether it’s insertion positioning, multi-tool flexibility or a fast cycle time.