the AMS PM-401 Data Sheet

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For applications requiring high quality and precision collar pressing operations, the automatic press machine PM-401 is an ideal choice. Often used to produce intake manifolds, engine covers, oil reserves and a wide variety of rigid plastic automotive parts, the semi-standard PM-401 is a versatile and efficient solution. 

Ready to press forward? Start your testing automation journey with AMS today: Use this data sheet to start designing your precision collar pressing application system. Together with semi-standard designs, AMS’s 17-step process ensures we deliver the right solution, on time and to your specifications. 

This data sheet will help you: 

  • Learn how the PM-401 functions and its level of error-proofing.
  • Determine if it is right for your application.
  • Plan for mechanical and electrical requirements. 
  • Review ordering options.

Use this free data sheet to take your next (or first) step toward reduced cycle time with a semi-automatic leak testing system.

What Are Automated Press Machine Systems?

AMS press machine systems contain pneumatic cylinders that accurately press compression limiters to the correct depth, plus sensors that make sure the collars and workpiece are properly aligned.

Parts commonly produced by the PM-401 include:

  • Intake manifolds
  • Engine covers
  • Oil reservoirs
  • A variety of rigid plastic automotive parts that use ultrasonic welding


Press machines automation can increase efficiency, productivity and profitability by speeding up cycle times and ensuring collar depths are accurate +/- 0.25mm.