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AMS has developed a variety of proven options if you need a nut insertion platform. The team calls on decades of experience with heated nut insertion and electronic motion control to design and build premium automated systems. We’re prepared to share our knowledge and understanding with you!

Ready to fully understand the hot nut insertion process? Use this multi-page explainer PDF to discover the heated nut insertion methods’ pros and cons, the effects of plastic make-up and the importance of knurl patterns.

This explainer will help you: 

  • Learn what hot nut insertion is and the three main methods.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of different methods.
  • Learn what knurl patterns are.
  • Discover AMS’s three positional modes.

Use this free explainer to take your next (or first) step toward mastering hot nut insertion methods for a nut insertion platform. 

Searching for a Semi-Standard Nut Insertion Platform?

Check out the AMS NI-401 Data Sheet to start designing your nut insertion machine.

Assemblies that aren't up to standard can cause failure for your business. Slow equipment and machinery that isn't suitable to your application can cost you quality, time and money.

Your nut insertion operation should have consistent pinpoint accuracy. AMS machines deliver results over and over again, thanks to their integrated quality control and fully customizable nature. AMS can help grow your business with nut insertion systems.

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