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Automated Medical Device Production

Medical Device Production: Using Automation to Optimize Manufacturing

By AMS Machines | July 6, 2021

Successful medical device production results from great designs with early supplier involvement and integrated manufacturing operations. In this article, we discuss how to use automation to optimize medical device manufacturing to make the process efficient, repeatable and traceable. Optimize Medical Device Production Optimization is essential to a successful medical device assembly operation. It can come…

Automated Leak Testing Methods

Automation 101: Automated Leak Testing Methods

By AMS Machines | June 24, 2021

You’ve heard “automated leak testing methods” mentioned on the plant floor or maybe you have been involved with your product’s current leak testing procedures. Either way,  if you want to learn more about the overall topic in detail, we’re here to help. In this article, we cover the basics of manufacturing leak testing, a variety…

Induction Heated Nut Insertion

Induction Heated Nut Insertion: Information and Applications

By AMS Machines | June 17, 2021

Bonding plastic materials presents an interesting challenge to medical device manufacturers, especially in today’s world of miniaturization, weight-reduction, lifespan extension and ultra-fast times to market. Traditional methods of fusing and gluing plastics together struggle to support modern functional and cost expectations. At the same time, many manufacturers may resist investing in advanced solutions given current…

Applications Testing Lab in Cincinnati

Testing 1, 2, 3: How Our Applications Testing Lab Works for You

By Marshall Hornsby | June 10, 2021

Choosing the right path for automation can sometimes present more problems than solutions. In every new project kickoff, manufacturers want to ensure they have the right solution with a trusted partner. The exploration stage in new projects is key, and AMS is equipped with a state-of-the-art applications testing lab to assist in finding the best…

Air Leak Testing Equipment

Types of Air Leak Testing Equipment

By AMS Machines | June 3, 2021

Air leak testing equipment is used to determine if a product has been manufactured to meet its leak specifications. Everything leaks to a certain degree, but the leak specifications are set to meet the end use requirements. Leak testing is an effective quality assurance practice that can detect failed seals, microscopic holes and other defects.…

automated plastic processing

Riding the Automated Plastic Processing Tide

By Guy O'Gara | May 25, 2021

Need to increase volume, efficiency and turnaround time? AMS President and CEO Guy O’Gara feels your pain. Here he discusses what manufacturers are up against today, and how automated plastic processing and injection molding can help.   Meeting Demand Now  Automation as a market mover right now is a bit of a rising tide. Unemployment might…

Robotic Manufacturing: how robots can help bridge the labor shortage gap

Use Robotic Manufacturing to End your Labor Shortage Woes

By AMS Machines | May 18, 2021

Robotic manufacturing is one of the oldest and most well-known applications of modern industrial automation. There are an estimated three million industrial robots in use today. Using more programmable robots in manufacturing may be a viable solution to the current labor shortage woes. Programmable robots increase efficiency, reduce injury risk and can be used for a…

UV Light Curing and Glueing Mistakes to Avoid

Common UV Light Curing Mistakes to Avoid

By AMS Machines | May 11, 2021

Automatic dispensing and UV light curing provide a myriad of benefits for plastic assembly operations. Light-curing adhesives are fast, easy to implement and provide exceptional bonding strength, according to Assembly. Nonetheless, there are common mistakes made during the dispensing and curing process that can wreak havoc on your assemblies. Wasted material, off-target gluing, inconsistent adhesive…

Case Study: Medical Device Assembly

Case Study: A Case for Automation in Medical Device Assembly

By Marshall Hornsby | May 6, 2021

Automation Fast-Tracks Assembly for Medical Device Manufacturer  Challenge A Cincinnati-based medical device manufacturer of minimally invasive wearable injectors was in a bind: The company’s senior manufacturing engineer needed a process for joining three small metal tube spikes to the plastic device. The joining technique had to be repeatable and efficient, and it required verification at…

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