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cobots the new industrial robot automation trend

Cobots: The New Industrial Robot Automation Trend

By Marshall Hornsby | April 18, 2022

Since George Devol’s first robot, Unimate, was implemented in GM during the 1950s, the use of industrial robot automation has…

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Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Welding Plastic Industry

Welding Plastic Industry: Impacts of the Transition From Traditional Vehicles to EV

By AMS Machines | April 14, 2022

Today’s electric vehicles are undeniable pinnacles of engineering, forged at the crossroads between Silicon Valley’s bleeding-edge tech and Detroit’s industrial…

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Medical Machinery

Medical Machinery: Speaking the Same Language

By AMS Machines | April 12, 2022

When we discuss the design of manufacturing equipment serving the medical industry, we often categorize applications by the type of…

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Top 8 Manufacturing and Automation Trends for 2022

By Chris Edwall | April 12, 2022

Over the last few years, many industries have changed their thought processes and had to adapt to situations developing around…

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Explore the Benefits of Automation

Benefits of Automation: What’s In It for You?

By AMS Machines | April 7, 2022
| | |

Companies in the U.S. are manufacturing more than ever. Automation is becoming more accessible nationwide and has accelerated since the…

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Automation 101

Automation 101: Air Leak VS Water Bubble Testing

By Guy O'Gara | April 5, 2022
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Learn how to diagnose a power supply overload condition on your ultrasonic welder. AMS has decades of experience in ultrasonic…

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Automation 101: Power Supply Overload

By Guy O'Gara | April 4, 2022
| |

Learn how to diagnose a power supply overload condition on your ultrasonic welder. AMS has decades of experience in ultrasonic…

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Automation 101: Proper Stack Integrity

By Guy O'Gara | April 4, 2022

Listen to CEO Guy O’Gara explain Ultrasonic 101 and proper stack integrity. He walks us through the three components of…

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Robotic Assembly Automation Case Study

Case Study: Press Side Automation with Robotic Assembly

By AMS Machines | March 31, 2022

Challenge The challenge today for any injection molding company is to reduce the amount of labor that touches a part…

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You need to trim costs and boost profits. Your salespeople have made promises to customers and now you have to deliver. You know that automating your manufacturing processes will help, but choosing an automation systems supplier can feel like jumping off a cliff. We are proud to present automated manufacturing solutions for America's dedicated manufacturers.

At, AMS you can count on us for automated manufacturing solutions and our:

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Our precise and reliable leak testing and plastic joining systems help you manufacture safe and reliable medical devices.

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We work with you to identify, design and implement solutions that fit your appliance parts and other products manufacturing.


Cut costs and boost productivity with effective automation systems designed for your automotive, truck and off-road components.

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Check out the blog posts above to learn about all-things automation, including air leak testing, automated plastic processing, medical device automation, heated nut insertion and more.

We also have data sheets for each of the products that we offer, as well as videos showing our machines, and team, in action.

We want to empower American manufacturers. That's why we continue to learn and share our knowledge as a member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO). AMS has 20 years of experience in the industry, so we are excited to share our best automated manufacturing solutions.


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